Lake Tapps woman helps rescue injured eagle

Lake Tapps woman helps rescue injured eagle »Play Video
PIERCE COUNTY - An injured bald eagle got a helping hand from some folks who didn't quite know what to do with their regal find at Lake Tapps. They did the only thing they could think of: They protected the bird and called for help.

Beverly Stern found the eagle a few yards off the Tapps Island path.

"So we looked over and here's this eagle sitting right there on that branch that's kind of on the ground broken off," she said.

Neighbor Jen Priebe said, "We saw it and this bird just looked so sad."

Two other eagles were nearby.

"They were calling to each other and, oh this was so sad," Priebe said.

The bird was obviously injured, but it was moving around in the brush. The concern was the proximity to the path. A lot of people and their dogs are walking along there, and they feared the bird's safety was in jeopardy.

Bev stayed with the eagle for hours waiting for help to arrive.

"My heart, I can't help myself," she said. "If I see this, it's not a matter of can I. I have to. I have to help."

A state wildlife agent arrived and gingerly made his way to the eagle for a safe capture and delivery to an animal rescue facility.

"It was exciting; I think a nice experience," said Sarah Stern, Beverly's daughter. "You don't get every day to be five feet from an eagle."

Bev realizes the eagle is old and perhaps its time is up, "but at least it's not just left out here to just sit and die."

The eagle was taken to PAWS, where they say the bird has a wing and eye injury and they are nursing it along.