Carnation residents gather to honor shooting victims

Carnation residents gather to honor shooting victims
CARNATION, Wash. -- The shootings in this small town on Christmas Eve killed 6 members of one family.

Sunday, the town gathered to honor the victims and pray for the accused killers.

Sound of bells echoed through town as mourners filed into Sunday services to remember 6 lives lost.

"We feel it's important that we not dwell on judgment, and lift up everyone involved," said Rev. Stephen Haddan.

He lit a candle for the six victims and two murder suspects, then rang the bell at his Church of Christ to recognize all eight.

"This is a very caring, generous supporting community and those three attributes are still present," Rev. Haddan said.

They're on display at the post office where Judy Anderson worked, and at the town center, where the Carnation Bible Church congregation gathers to comfort and to talk.

"There has been a really somber note this week," said Glen Johnson with the Carnation Bible Church. "Lots of people don't even know the Andersons but they are still feeling it."

The shootings have tested the resolve of the 1,900 who live here, and shattered the sense of security they had.

"I think it's unbelievable because people know each other and care about each other generally," said Nell Ish.

Prosecutors say Michele Anderson and her boyfriend Joe McEnroe killed 6 family members and have since admitted to the crimes.

Those who gathered in Carnation say that tragedy won't define their town.

The King County Medical Examiner says it has completed the autopsies on all six victims and will release their findings later this week.

Meanwhile, a second memorial in the form of a candlelight vigil is planned on Monday at 5 p.m.