'Thank God they didn't go there'

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CARNATION, Wash. -- Dozens gathered Monday evening for a candlelight vigil in this small rural town to remember the six members of the Anderson family who were shot to death on Christmas Eve.

Wayne and Judy Anderson, their son Scott, daughter-in-law Erica and two grandchildren were all shot to death.

But for at least one of the Anderson's relatives, being at the vigil is too difficult because Terry Gaston knows his son Terrance could have been in that house when his grandparents were killed.

"It is a nightmare, it's very hard to explain how you feel," said Gaston, the father of Wayne Anderson's grandson. "It's what could have happened. It's difficult to say... like I said, thank God it didn't happen; they didn't go there."

Terry says his son wanted to visit with his mom and grandparents in Carnation that day. But, Terry insisted his son stay with him instead.

"I think, if I had changed my mind, what could have happened... and didn't happen," Gaston said. "I'm thankful that it didn't."

Terry was also thankful that Terrance's mom, Mary Anderson, was not at the Carnation home when the shootings happened.

Terry says he and his son will also not go to the funeral, as it will be too hard, emotionally.

"(Terrance) has expressed that he doesn't want to go to the funeral services," Gaston said. "I'm sure he's got a lot of thoughts going through his mind...he'll hold my hand real close..."

But he says he and his son will grieve together with the community.