Mother charged with murder in baby boy's death

CENTRALIA, Wash. -- Prosecutors have charged a young woman with second-degree murder following the death of her 4-month-old child.

Rachel Bryan, 20, was already being held in jail for investigation of assault when her son died at a Tacoma hospital on Saturday.

According to court documents, Bryan allegedly admitted to police that she treated the boy roughly and shoved him onto his bed when he would not stop crying.

The baby's injuries were discovered when medics were called to a Bryan's home near Centralia on Sept. 20.

Bryan initially told hospital workers that the boy was hurt when he fell off his bed. Hospital officials called police when they saw that the boy suffered a fractured skull and had lots of bruising.

When she was first interviewed by police Bryan insisted she had nothing to do with her child's injuries, but later broke down in tears and said she "made a horrible mistake," according to court documents.

Bryan allegedly told a detective that she "doesn't realize what she's doing" when she gets angry and often picked up and put her son down roughly.

She said that on Sept. 20 she could not get her son to be quiet and drove him down on the bed so hard that he bounced, the documents said.

"It wasn't very nice. It was rough," Bryan said, according to the documents. "I shouldn't have done it but it wasn't me. When I get mad my bi-polar comes out."

Bryan is scheduled to be arraigned Oct. 4.