Angry teen turns mom in for growing pot

Angry teen turns mom in for growing pot
NORTH KITSAP - A 14-year-old boy upset that his mother threatened to send him to military school for skipping class turned her in Thursday for growing marijuana.

A Kitsap County deputy went to the residence in the 6400 block of NE Silver Springs Lane after the boy called 911 emergency dispatchers and said his mother was growing marijuana, reports said.

At the house, the boy told the deputy he was angry that his mother was trying to discipline him for skipping class and talking back, "and he decided to tell on his mother," the report said.

At first, the 34-year-old woman said she only smoked marijuana and declined to let the deputy search her house, then changed her mind.

In her closet, the deputy found 10 small marijuana plants. She told the deputy "it is tough to get her son to respect authority when he knows she breaks the law growing pot," the report said.

The woman was cooperative, the deputy wrote, and was not arrested.

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