Errant bicyclist on I-5 jams up traffic

Errant bicyclist on I-5 jams up traffic »Play Video
Traffic backs up behind the bicyclist as drivers apprehend him in the HOV lane.
SEATTLE - An errant bicyclist who said he was "riding to Louisiana" crossed all five lanes of traffic on busy Interstate 5 Thursday afternoon, causing a traffic jam and sparking an impromptu emergency response by an off-duty Seattle police officer.

The man apparently entered southbound I-5 on his bike in the vicinity of the Snohomish-King county line. At about 2 p.m., as he neared 145th Street, he proceeded to cross all five lanes, taking his time, as drivers jammed on their brakes or swerved to avoid him.

In the meantime, traffic backed up behind the bicyclist. As he peddled down the HOV lane, in no particular hurry, an off-duty Seattle police officer stopped him and contacted the State Patrol.

Troopers eventually arrived and took the man into custody so he could be interviewed.

They identified him as Kenneth Curtis, 25, of Lynnwood. Curtis told interviewing officers that he was "riding his bike to Louisiana to help his brother."

Curtis later was taken to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle for an evaluation.

Troopers said the bicyclist may get a ticket for riding his bike on a limited-access highway.