Local baristas say bikini, topless trend spilling over

Local baristas say bikini, topless trend spilling over »Play Video

BONNEY LAKE, Wash. -- The baristas who work at Java Angels say the brouhaha over topless and bikini-clad baristas down the street has spilled over.

The steaming baristas' complaints are a response to the controversy over the uniforms of the baristas down the street at Cowgirls Espresso.

The bikini-clad and topless baristas there have gained the attention of nearby residents, who are now urging the city to regulate the practice.

The baristas at Java Angels say they're just tired of being hassled by rude customers. They say those who want to see a young lady in a bikini should head to the beach.

Their uniform is a T-shirts with an image of wings on back. The emblem of angels is meant to represent Christianity, not Victoria's Secret models. But the meaning seems to be lost on some customers, the baristas said.

"The other day some guy told me to take off my shirt. I said 'you're at the wrong place, honey,'" said Ashley Claxton.

Claxton said she made that crude customer a drink, but did so as quickly as possible in order to get him moving along.

"Makes me angry. Yeah, it definitely does," said Claxton.

The Java Angels baristas say they're here to serve and sell coffee, not sex.

"It's kind of disappointing that 'sex sells' has entered into our coffee business," said barista Andrea McFarland.

The baristas at Java Angels are quite attractive, but the owner says she's not looking to exploit her employees' looks.

"Honestly I feel like sometimes you're getting the younger teenage to early 20s. That's who applies and oftentimes they are cute," said Jennifer Horne.

Horne says "cute" is coincidental at her shop; she believes coffee making is an art.

She says she knows some of her regular customers have gone down the street to check out the bikini-clad baristas, but she said they'll come back for the quality of coffee she serves.

"I would shut my doors before I would ever cross that line," she said.

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