Stormy weather bookends Monday

Stormy weather bookends Monday
(left) A funnel cloud dips over Lake Washington during the morning of August 25, 2008. Then, that evening, a thunderstorm rolled over Seattle (right).
SEATTLE -- Next time, don't ask what Mother Nature can do for an encore.

Monday began with a rain squall over the Downtown Seattle area that spawned a rare cold-core funnel cloud.

A viewer from Bellevue captured this spectacular video of the funnel:

That was likely due to a Puget Sound Convergence Zone that eventually fizzled.

The middle part of the day was pretty calm, but then another squall formed over the Kitsap Peninsula, bringing heavy rain and lightning to central Kitsap County.

That cell then moved west over West and South Seattle, drenching that area with heavy rain and filling the air with the sounds of thunder.

Here is time lapse video of the stormy skies over Silverdale from Dale Ireland:

Also of note in the skies Monday evening -- a wall cloud:


That is that low-hanging cloud to the left of the lightning bolt. Wall clouds are a sign of very unstable air and shows potential for frequent lightning, heavy rain, large hail and possible funnel clouds or even tornadoes. Luckily it appears this cloud didn't spawn anything severe. 

For those interested, here is an online gallery of other wall clouds spotted across the country.

Meanwhile, back here, Boeing Field reported a whopping 0.31" of rain falling in 16 minutes. To put that in perspective, that is about 1/3 or the city's average rainfall for the entire month of August.

If you capture photo or video of lightning or storm damage, we'd love to see it. You can submit it to our YouNews Section