'Fed up' King Co. to privatize animal control

 'Fed up' King Co. to privatize animal control »Play Video
A dog waits to be adopted at the King County Animal Shelter.
SEATTLE - Members of King County Council say they've had it with the state of animal services.

On Sunday afternoon, council members announced plans to get out of the animal shelter business and privatize the county's animal services.

The announcement follows a series of problems with King County animal services that have made a lot of headlines in the last year. The problems ranged from substandard conditions to poor animal care.

Council members said Sunday the situation is so far beyond repair, they want out.

King County leaders brought in four independent experts and groups to look at the shelter. They all agreed that conditions were deplorable.

After giving $1 million to improve conditions back in April, the council now says the improvements aren't enough. So on Sunday, they announced their recommendation for the county to partner with a community agency to provide shelter services.

The full King County Council will be briefed at its meeting Monday morning, and the members still need to vote on the move.

If it's approved, it could take anywhere from six to nine months before the switch is complete.