Intruder takes photos during attack of Kirkland woman

Intruder takes photos during attack of Kirkland woman »Play Video
KIRKLAND, Wash. -- Investigators say a woman was sexually assaulted early Monday by an armed intruder, and the attacker took photos during the assault.

Kirkland police Lt. Mike Ursino said the victim, a 63-year-old woman, woke up to find a man straddling her on her bed.

The man, who was armed with a knife, bound the woman's hands and assaulted her for more than an hour. Ursino said the man took the batteries from the woman's cordless phones before he left, leaving her tied up.

The woman was able to use a cell phone to call 911 with her hands still bound. Paramedics freed the woman, who was taken to Evergreen Hospital to be checked out. She was treated for a cut to the hand, but was expected to be OK.

It was not clear how the man got into the woman's condominium unit, but Ursino said there was no sign of forced entry. She lived on the ground floor of a building in the 10000 block of NE 122nd Street.

The woman did not recognize the attacker, who was wearing a dark cotton mask.

"It's going to be a tip that helps us catch this guy," Ursino said.

Ursino said there have been no reports of similar attacks, and investigators believe the intruder's main goal was to take photographs of the assault.

"I think what makes it disturbing is stranger-intruder assaults are very rare to start with. Regardless of what they do when they're inside, that's what makes it disturbing," said Ursino.

Anyone with information is asked to call 425-587-3400.