Stolen car smashes into downtown restaurant

 Stolen car smashes into downtown restaurant
The car is towed away after crashing into the Brooklyn Restaurant.
SEATTLE - A car smashed into the glass door of a restaurant Sunday morning in downtown Seattle after it collided with a taxicab, witnesses said.

The car, a red Honda, reportedly was heading up Second Avenue at high speed when it ran a red light and broadsided the taxi as it was traveling west up University Street.

The impact sent the Honda flying over the sidewalk, and it plowed into the doorway of the Brooklyn Restaurant, at the corner of Second Avenue and University Street.

The driver then jumped out of the Honda and fled on foot. Witnesses said there were reports that the car was stolen.

Police are searching for the driver of the Honda.

The taxi driver suffered minor injuries and was treated at the scene.

There was no word on how long it will take for the restaurant to reopen for business.