Gift catalog offers hope for the world's hungry

Gift catalog offers hope for the world's hungry
When shoppers burst through the doors for Christmas gifts, they're after the hottest toy or latest electronics.

But in the World Vision catalog, the most popular gift - is a goat.

"It's milk. It's an animal that's going to do a lot of good," says World Vision's Devin Hermanson. "Chickens are huge."

Here's how this gift giving works:

- You buy something like school supplies for children in need in the United States or around the world, in honor of somebody you love.

- Then you get a card to give them, saying the charitable gift was made in their name.

"It's a way of honoring someone or giving a gift that might have more meaning to you than a typical consumer gift," explains Linda Ranz of Medical Teams International.

This is the third year for the Medical Teams International gift catalog.

There are 10 options, ranging from dental care for local kids to HIV prevention for families in Africa.

This year, a donor is matching up to $200,000 raised through MTI's catalog.

The group is only halfway to the goal, so they hope more people will give.

And World Vision says people are giving more.

Their recent study shows people spending less in stores but more in these catalogs.

"People were actually saying they're going to cut back this year, but they want to spend more on charitable giving," says Hermanson. "That's consistent with what we've heard from donors over the years. They want Christmas to be about their values."

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