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Ray Ramsey breaks down the forecast on December 15, 1978.
Today's Vault offering is a look at 30 years ago today, December 15, 1978. I couldn't post the whole show, I'm afraid, and whenever I made an edit, you'll see a picture slide over another...pretty technical talk, I know, but suffice it to say you'll be able to tell when I've made an edit.

I focused mostly on the presenters of our news that day, beginning at the top of the show with Tim Hillard telling us about a large fire near the bottom of Queen Anne Hill. Ruth Walsh and Bob Throndsen are the anchors on the almost 6-month-old "living room" set that debuted in July of 1978.

Bob Throndsen made his KOMO debut at the same time as the set. Thankfully, Bob outlasted the set (it was mercifully retired in 1981) and he now serves as our managing editor. I'd like to say that Bob hasn't changed a bit -- that's what I'd LIKE to say, but then he still has his hair, which is more than I can say!

We see a story about the money problems of the local boat maker, Reinell, done by Connie Thompson. Nowdays Connie is our 11 a.m. anchor and top-flight Problem Solver Consumer Reporter.

Ray Ramsey was the predecessor of Steve Pool in the Weather department. Ray ruled from about 1965 to 1985, when he handed the weather wand to Steve.

Bruce King was our sports anchor for nearly twenty years starting in 1968. Eric Johnson took on his duties in the '90s.

You'll catch a short bit of Bill Brubaker, our 6:30 anchor in 1978, who was another long-time newsman at KOMO.

I've included a story about the city of Seattle and its budget. Not always a flashy subject, but I included it today because it shows some equipment that's gone the way of the dinosaur. I like their computer...

A bottle bill initiative was gathering steam on this day and was signed by then-Attorney General (and later Senator) Slade Gorton. It required a nickel deposit on every bottle, in the hopes of preventing litter. Initiative 61 was defeated in 1979. This is way before the recycling we do today.

Lastly, I included three commercials from that day -- two holiday spots from Frederick and Nelson and one about a leather sale. Aah, the fashion of 1978!

That's it for today. Later this week, we'll see a couple of stories about the history of the highways and freeways in Seattle.

Thanks for watching!

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