Upon further review, Seattle does break record high

Upon further review, Seattle does break record high
SEATTLE -- It's had the crown for 16 years, but he record high temperature of 73 degrees for April 20th has relinquished the throne.

A ridge of high pressure built into Western Washington and brought some warm air from the south for the ride. The result is that a chunk of the region went over 70 degrees Monday.

But for those hoping to see a record fall, Seattle made a very late run to capture the record, reaching 74 degrees at 5:15 p.m., breaking the record high of 73 degrees, set in 1993.

(Originally we had said the record was safe and Seattle only hit 72, but the temperature spiked 15 minutes after the preliminary high temperature was given at 5 p.m. Normally the official high isn't given until midnight, but the National Weather Service checked the sensor at Sea-Tac Airport and noted that it did record a 74 degree temperature at 5:15 p.m. and sent out a statement later Monday evening.)

Some other places managed to get a little warmer. Tacoma hit 74, while Olympia and North Bend hit 75 and Vancouver, Washington climbed all the way to 83!

If you didn't think to call in with the "blue sky flu" today, you have another chance Tuesday as it is shaping up to be a similar day, with plenty of sunshine and highs in the low 70s around Seattle and points south and east, and mid-upper 60s north and west. (The record high for April 21 is 76 degrees, and that one looks pretty safe and can breathe easier.)

Much cooler weather returns for Wednesday and the rest of the week with a chance of showers as well. In the meantime, try and get out and enjoy it!