Police: Man robs same store twice, apologizes

Police: Man robs same store twice, apologizes
Surveillance video captures an image of the robbery in progress.
Scroll down for a transcript of the second robbery, as captured by video surveillance cam.

SPANAWAY, Wash. - A surveillance camera has captured footage of the same armed man robbing the same Pierce County gas station twice, a few days apart, then saying "bye-bye" and apologizing to the clerk after the second robbery.

Pierce County sheriff's deputies first responded to the Shell station, in the 15900 block of Pacific Avenue South in Spanaway, on May 5 at 3:50 a.m.

Deputies said video footage showed the man entering the store, asking the clerk for a pack of cigarettes, then displaying a gun concealed inside his jacket.

The man demanded cash and threatened to shoot the clerk. The man took the cash and fled on foot.

Ten days later, on May 15, the same man robbed the same store again, using the same routine - again captured on video.

Surveillance video

The man ordered a pack of cigarettes, said he had a gun and demanded cash. The clerk recognized the man and told him he was on TV and said the police will be waiting for him next time.

The robber is described as a white male, 40 to 50 years old, 5-feet-9-inches, with a medium build, graying hair and a mustache. During both robberies he was seen wearing a baseball hat, a blue puffy jacket, a gray shirt, and blue jeans.

Here is a transcript of the audio from the second robbery, as captured by the surveillance cam:

Victim: "How you doing?"

Suspect: "Not too bad. Can I get a pack of Kools."

Victim: "Kools?"

Suspect: "Yeah."

Victim: "You want the shorts or the longs?"

Suspect: "Shorts."

Victim: "Anything else?"

Suspect: "Yeah. Uh, sorry to do this to you buddy but I got a gun, give me all your cash now."

Victim: "Weren't you just here last week?"

Suspect: "No. I wasn't, c'mon give me ... "

Victim: "Cause my brother was here."

Suspect: "I wasn't here, give me the money now, buddy. I've got a (expletive) .38 in my pocket."

Victim: "I just thought you were happy to see me. You do know you were on TV last week."

Suspect: "Yeah right whatever. C'mon, c'mon."

Victim: "Cause they're probably gonna ... "

Suspect: "Give it to me, all of it. C'mon, c'mon, hurry."

Victim: "Whatever, dude."

Suspect: "And the cigarettes, give me the cigarettes."

Victim: "Oh, you want the cigarettes, too?"

Suspect: "Thank you, bye bye. I'm sorry, I'm broke, I'm out of work."

Victim: "Well, if you keep coming back here their gonna wait for you, dumb---."