Nicest Memorial Day ... of all time?!?!

Nicest Memorial Day ... of all time?!?!
Cody Olesen hula hoops during the 2009 Northwest Folklife Festival.
SEATTLE -- You probably already know how rare it is to get such a nice three-day weekend in the weather department, but we might be heading into the "extreme" pleasant category.

We've done some research, and over the past 20 years, it's only been dry on all three days of Memorial Day weekend five times. It was last done in 2005, so I guess we were due.

But we are on the cusp of a first -- or at least, a first in recent times: Over the past *30* years, there has never been a Memorial Day weekend where all three days had highs in the 70s.

There were a few that had one or two of the days in the 80s -- even once in the 90s -- but it was counterbalanced by days in the 60s over the rest of the weekend.

Right now, our official forecast is going 69, 71, 72 for the three day's highs, but it's not inconceivable to get 70 on Saturday.

69 or 70, we're looking at an average temperature in the low 70s for the three day weekend. Last year the average high temperature was 70.3 degrees, and it's the only time in the past 20 years we've had an average high in the 70 degree range. (There were two over 80 degrees, but that's too warm by many peoples' standards.)

The pleasant stretch of weather couldn't come at a more opportune time, with the Northwest Folklife Festival under way and plenty of other holiday weekend events.

Now, you might be thinking with such a nice Memorial Day Weekend, we're setting ourselves up for a miserable July 4th weekend to make up for it. Well, perhaps not. In 2005, which was our last dry Memorial weekend, the 4th of July was sunny and 79.

Anyway, get out and enjoy -- who knows when it might ever be this nice on Memorial Day Weekend again!