'No one should have to go through this'

'No one should have to go through this'
SEATTLE -- Swine flu has left a Puyallup mother and her infant daughter fighting for their lives.

Three weeks ago, Katie Flyte, then six-months pregnant, developed a fever and cough. Now, she's in a drug-induced coma and doesn't know she's given birth.

"I don't want to leave her (bedside)," said her husband Kenny Flyte. "If I leave, what's gonna happen?"

While taking care of their sick son, Katie Flyte complained to her clinic of back aches, a deep cough, and fever.

"They sent her home with flu like symptoms," Kenny Flyte said.

Three flu tests returned negative results, but Katie's condition deteriorated. The 27-year-old contracted pneumonia, then went into respiratory arrest.

"The doctor ObGyn came in and said '(We) need to give birth to baby girl to save one or both of their lives,' " Kenny Flyte recounted.

In a sedated coma, Katie underwent a Cesarean section and gave birth to a 2 pound, 14 ounce girl.

"(Katie) has no idea," Kenny said. "We didn't even have a name fully picked out yet.

"I gotta give my baby girl a name without a mom to help me make the decision."

Doctors at Good Samaratin Hospital diagnosed Katie with the swine flu. Her lungs, heart and kidneys are failing. But her baby's health is improving.

"Gonna be hard if (Katie) doesn't snap out of it soon," Kenny Flyte said.

Flyte transferred his wife to Harborview Medical Center, where she now suffers from Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome. Meanwhile, Kenny, a laid-off construction worker, juggles his time spending mornings with his 2-year-old in Puyallup, bonding with his baby in the intensive care unit in Tacoma and returning to Katie's side in Seattle.

"It's just horrible," he said. "No one should have to go through this. No one."

Kenny urges pregnant women to take more precautions to avoid contact with swine flu and don't ignore symptoms.

"Go see your doctor -- don't even play around. Make sure they do flu test properly."

Kenny says he will likely name his daughter Abbey -- that's the last name he remembers his wife liking.

If you would like to help the Flyte family with expenses, you can make a donation to our Problem Solvers Fund.