Bickering couple could leave tigers euthanized

Bickering couple could leave tigers euthanized »Play Video
SEDRO-WOOLLEY, Wash. -- A cat fight here could leave two Siberian tigers homeless and their lives in jeopardy.

Jen Jones got divorced a year ago. And Timber and Chou Hu are caught in the middle in a fight between Jen and her ex-husband Mike.

"Basically, he's had these cats before I was ever even in the picture so I just want him to take responsibility for them," Jen Jones said.

But Jen says Mike refuses to take his tigers back. She got the house and says her ex- told her the tigers come with the property.

"She got what she asked for," Mike Jones said. He added he's had them since they were six days old, but he shouldn't have to pay the thousands of dollars to relocate them.

"Why should she take them away from me? And why should a court take them away from me?" Mike Jones said.

The tigers eat about 20 pounds of food a day in the winter, which runs about $400 a month. Jen says Mike should be taking care of them, but Mike says he can't.

"I was served a restraining order and was told the cats were no longer my responsibility; I was no longer liable for them and I couldn't go back," he said.

Jen admitted she got a restraining order against him, but she claims it has since been lifted.

In the meantime, Jen says she can't afford to keep the house, and if it goes, so does Timber and Chou Hu.

If they don't find a new home within two months, the tigers may have to be killed.

The Wild Field Advocacy Center of Washington has raised $3,000 to help relocate the tigers, but it will most likely cost $10,000. To donate, go to