The Schrammie: The nosiest of neighbors

The Schrammie: The nosiest of neighbors »Play Video
They say it amounts to public accountability.

I say it's like a nosy neighbor peeking out at people from behind the curtains.

And so I'd like to invite the nosiest of those nosy neighbors to put a little extra sugar in their coffee and come on down.

Shahram Hadian says he's a barista "watchdog" determined to keep on eye on what he considers the scandalous attire of some baristas up in Snohomish County.

The haughty Mr. Hadian sees to it that drive thru espresso stands featuring scantily clad females are staked out and closely monitored so that when a marked company vehicle stops by, the company's name is duly noted and then turns up on a specially created Web site in hopes that good stitched and starched citizens will boycott the companies listed there.

Not yet content, the haughty Mr. Hadian then actually calls the company to tattle about how their vehicle was seen patronizing a risqué coffee stand and asks if the boss knew their employees were sipping coffee and perhaps salivating at the scantily clad baristas.

You know, playing puritanical games with people's jobs by whining to their employer is pretty low.

So for being a nosy, spying nuisance and certainly for being 'haughtier than thou,' take a bow Shahram Hadian, because this "Schrammie" is for you.


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