Controversy brews over Bellevue bikini espresso stand

Controversy brews over Bellevue bikini espresso stand
BELLEVUE, Wash. -- The battle over bikini baristas has now hit the boiling point in the city's Crossroads neighborhood.

An espresso stand featuring scantily-clad women opened quietly over the weekend, but it didn't stay quiet for long.

Knotty Bodies is in the parking lot of a Chevron station on NE 8th Street -- 30 feet from a kids park, not that far from several schools. If you don't catch a glimpse of how they're dressed inside the hut, the sign outside should tip you off.

"It's called 'Knotty Bodies,' so I mean, you can't accidentally drive up here with your children and not know what to expect," said manager Lisa Coughron.
But neighbor Alison Scott says this espresso stand is pretty much a fishbowl that's clearly visible to anybody.

"And you can see it from all the angles," she said. "This is a pretty busy intersection; you can see it as you drive by."

And she says their attire is just over the top.

"I've seen G-strings; the back is showing -- it's not just the beach, it's lingerie, so it's different. It's a little more seductive," Scott said.

She says she's discussed it with her kids.

"I think it influences little kids that don't know better," said her 14-year-old son Connor. "And it's just something that shouldn't be around little kids."

Allison Scott says it'll keep them from going to the newly renovated park that sits along side.

"My biggest concern is my tax dollars went into a million dollar renovation and my children can no longer go to the park because it's right next to this," she said.

But Coughron doesn't buy it: she says the window is intentionally facing away from the park and the street.

"I think it's funny that it's been such a big deal since we moved here," she said. "You'd think there are bigger things to make a fuss about.


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