Man fighting cancer about to take trip of a lifetime to keep promise

Man fighting cancer about to take trip of a lifetime to keep promise »Play Video
Tom Ingram's doctor said if you're going to go, go now! So on Thursday, the 53-year-old Redmond man and his wife are heading to the eastern European country of Moldova to help children who are recovering in hospitals there.

"This is Pasha," Ingram points to a picture in his photo album. "He's profoundly handicapped. He's a great kid," Ingram says.

It will be their seventh trip as volunteers for Medical Teams International. He and his wife are both massage therapists and they'll share what they know to help the children heal.

"We'll teach the parents to work on their children," Ingram says. And they'll bring medical supplies to the hospital.

This trip almost didn't happen.

"I have tumors in my brain, in my lungs, in my pancreas," says Ingram. He has terminal cancer and thus the advice from his doctor: 'Go now!'

"She asked me to move up my travel plans because I was going to be too ill or maybe not around," says Ingram.

Ingram believes when you make a promise, you deliver. After his diagnosis, he made a promise to a woman in Moldova. She appealed to him.

"'Now Tom, you know that this cancer is no excuse. You have to come back to Moldova' (she said to me). And I said 'don't worry Rodeca, I'll be there.'"

Tom Ingram is a man of his word. He leaves first thing Thursday on a trip of a lifetime.

"I am keeping my promise," he says. It's for the kids.

The Ingrams are looking for donations for their trip and their volunteer work. If you'd like to help, you can visit the Web site that has been set up for Tom's Fund. You can also call 800-959-4325.