210-mile ride to raise money for Crohn's Disease

210-mile ride to raise money for Crohn's Disease »Play Video
LYNNWOOD - "It's one of the most important things I'll do all year," says Jim Smith from Lynnwood.

He's talking about the 210-mile bicycle ride this weekend through Western Washington to raise money and awareness about a condition Jim has.

It's the "Get your Guts in Gear" ride for Crohn's disease and Colitis. Fortunately along the route: "There are a lot of rest stops and a lot of bathrooms," says Jim.

Today he's training with Judy Pacitti and Andrea Nelson.

"I thought I had a case of food poisoning or stomach flu or something," says Jim. He was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. Judy Pacitti has Crohn's disease and came up with the idea of raising money with this bike ride.

Judy and Jim are among 1.4 million Americans with inflammatory bowel disease. Not something you want to tell people. So Judy is trying to change that mind set with this 210-mile ride.

"It's to create a positive atmosphere, 'Yeah I have a chronic condition. It's never going to go away there's no cure, but that doesn't mean I can't have a lot of hope and live my life with a forward thinking positive attitude' and rides like this help people do that," says Pacitti.

The idea is if they can do this, they can do anything. Looking at Jim Smith now, it's hard to believe before his diagnosis he was down to 108 pounds. Now at 190, his pedaling proves his point.

"You can get out and still do things. There is sort of light at the end of the tunnel," says Jim.

For more information about the ride and the fundraising event and treatment for Inflammatory Bowel Disease, you can go to www.ibdride.org Event organizers are still looking for volunteers to the Get your Guts in Gear event. You can call them at (718) 875-2123.