Ken Schram: Cracking down on spandexed scofflaws

Ken Schram: Cracking down on spandexed scofflaws »Play Video
Be still my heart!

There is indeed a measure of justice to be found somewhere in the world.

In fact, one need look no further than the city of Lake Forest Park.

It is there that you will find police officers giving tickets to errant bicyclists on the Burke-Gilman trail; pedal pushing scofflaws who scream about sharing the road but who devise their own rules as they go along.

Predictably, response from the lycra clad crowd has been that the posted speed limit is too low, or that there are too many stop signs on the trail.

Hey, tough noggies folks.

Them's the rules.

Now, I figure the vast majority of bicyclists do a pretty good job of obeying traffic laws.

But a sizeable minority have got it in their heads that they can split lanes, make illegal turns and run red lights simply because their carbon footprint is but a trace of what that SUV they just cut off leaves behind.

They're arrogant, rude and oblivious to the danger they put themselves and others in.

The antics of the few make it risky for the many.

Now if only a few other police jurisdictions would go after spandexed scofflaws in the same way the Lake Forest Police are doing, ah, the world be a better place.

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