Video shows Craigslist murder suspect in action

Video shows Craigslist murder suspect in action »Play Video
LAKE STEVENS, Wash. -- New surveillance video released Friday shows a Craigslist murder suspect in action.

Amanda Knight is all smiles as she leaves an Auburn pawn shop. Knight walked in alone about 15 minutes earlier and went right to the jewelry counter, to pawn a ring police say was taken from a Snohomish County couple in a violent robbery the night before.

That couple advertised a big screen TV for sale on Craigslist.

Posing as buyers, the robbers zip-tied them in their living room while their 6-month-old son slept upstairs, and then left with jewelry and valuables.

Three days later, Pierce County investigators say Knight took part in another Craigslist robbery -- one that led to the murder of James Sanders in Edgewood.

Prosecutors say Knight was part of a team of four that stormed the Sanders' home. Knight pleaded not guilty earlier this week.

Joshua Reese, Kiyoshi Higashi and Clabon Berniard will have their day in court Monday. All face murder charges.

Investigators in Lake Stevens have not yet linked them to the Snohomish County case, ut they do believe Knight was involved. Still, it's a huge relief for the Lake Stevens neighborhood.

"Granted it doesn't bring back the family member or a lot of stuff may still be missing," said Kirsti Warter. "But at least then it does bring closure in knowing that the criminals are off the streets and one less thing to worry about."

The victim in the Lake Stevens robbery said he too is relieved the suspected robbers are in custody. He says he'll probably use Cragislist again, but with the new wisdom he's gained from his frightening experience.