The Schrammie: A sad song

The Schrammie: A sad song
He obviously wants publicity.

Well okay then, let's give him some publicity.

Would the tasteless, classless, sorry excuse for a citizen known as Chris Nandor put away all that self-promotion material he's accumulated and come on down?

Mr. Self-obsessed from Snohomish County sent me an e-mail that contained a link to a song he wrote and sang.

It's a little satirical ditty chastising Osama bin Laden for ruining all the birthdays on September 11th.

Mr. Self-absorbed explains his musical mirth by noting that he doesn't really think it would be okay to have killed all the people who died on 9-11 on a different day.

He says that's the joke.

Ain't that just hilarious?

Aren't your sides aching from laughing to long and so hard?

As I see it, there are more than 2,974 reasons for why I think Chris Nandor is a disdainful little jerk.

And while I'd like to tell him exactly where he should put this "Schrammie", he'll have to wait until I finish putting all the instructions to music.

But hey, might as well bend over now Chris and take your bow, because this "Schrammie" is for you.

If you'd like to subject yourself to the song that inspired this "Schrammie," here's a link:


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