Go Eat: Skillet Street Food

Go Eat: Skillet Street Food
What do you call two friends with a 1960's Airstream and a desire to bring good grub to the masses?

Skillet Street Food.

"It'd be like going to a diner, but better food," says Josh Henderson who, along with his partner Danny Sizemore, rolled out Skillet in August. "That's kind of what we're going after, but taking it to a little bit higher level from scratch, you know, more focus on seasonal ingredients.

"A day in the life of coming up to eat at Skillet: you would come up to the trailer, you'd be greeted by me, and we would have our three, four, five, six, seven items on a chalkboard and you'd go through and say what you'd like," says Danny.

The decision may be a tough one with things like walnut-crusted chicken sandwiches on the menu.

"It's like fried chicken," Josh says. "It's got corn flakes, it's got walnuts, and we serve it with a fennel apple slaw and roasted shallot aioli."

"On a toasted baguette," adds Danny.

"And some (hand cut) fries," says Josh.

The restaurant may be on wheels, but the food is "evolved."

"We're doing simple food in the sense that it's, you know, a burger and fries -- but we're taking it to a little bit different level where we're adding bleu cheese, bacon jam, arugula and using Kobe beef. To be able to get that on the street is, I think, somewhat unique," says Josh.

You know what else is unique?

"It's all served in a sugar-cane or corn 100-percent compostable container. So, the forks, spoons, knives, lids, even the clear cups -- they're made of corn -- that we do little parfaits in for breakfast," says Danny.

Three years ago, Josh was catering to photographers in Los Angeles out of an old RV.

"I'd just gotten married this summer and I realized that I needed to start working on something that was going to keep me around here."

For now, you can only find Skillet in Ballard and South Lake Union.

"On the web site each week our schedule is always posted, we'll always have Monday - we're here, Tuesday - we're here, and that's for that week," says Josh.

Danny says the scavenger hunt is part of the allure.

"We just want it to be fun, you know. It's the middle of the day, you're working, you want to be able to come and talk and eat some food or take it back to your office and enjoy it."

Places Josh likes to Go Eat!: Dick's, Salumi. Places Danny likes to Go Eat!: Cremant, Spiro's Pizza, Steelhead Diner.

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