Controversial crossing guard told to stay away from school

Controversial crossing guard told to stay away from school
TACOMA, Wash.-- A grandmother who says she's trying to protect school children from speeding cars has become a controversial figure in Tacoma, and on Wednesday she was actually kicked off school grounds.

When school begins and ends for the day at Lowell Elementary, Liza Morado is there to make sure kids make it safely across the street.

Morado said she takes on the role of crossing guard because there's no crosswalk where most parents drop off and pick up their kids every day.

She's now asking local parents to sign a petition urging the school to put in a crosswalk for the kids, and she's getting some support.

"I think it would be a good idea because it would centralize another location where people could go safely across the road," one parent said.

But Morado, who also volunteers as an art instructor at the school, also has detractors. On Wednesday, the school principal called her into his office.

"He runs into the classroom and says, 'I want you in my office right now,'" she said.

Morado said the principal suspended her from school grounds after a parent complained. She thinks it's the same woman who signed her petition and then crossed her name off the list.

Morado asked the woman why she would sign the petition one minute and then ask to have her named removed.

"She said, 'Because you're nuts. I'm going to call cops on you because you're endangering the lives of children,'' Morado said.

She's already collected nearly 100 signatures, and Morado insists she's careful when she helps students cross the road.

And despite her suspension, she vowed to keep fighting for a new crosswalk.