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Pajama-clad woman scares off would-be carjacker

SEATTLE -- A Seattle woman was either the victim of an attempted carjacking or a terrifying case of mistaken identities last week near Ravenna Park.

According to the Seattle Police Department's report for the incident, the woman, wearing pajamas and carrying her morning coffee, left her house in the 6200 block of Brooklyn Avenue Northeast around 6:45 a.m. to give her son a ride to work.

It was pouring rain as she got into her car, and she saw a man with a hood over his head walking nearby.

When the woman closed the car door and started the engine, the man started running toward her, according to the report. She tried to lock the car doors but accidentally hit the unlock button instead.

The soaking-wet man got into the passenger seat and yelled, "Go!" according to the report.

The woman later told officers she was scared and yelled back, "No!" which frightened the would-be carjacker.

The man ran off, and the woman's son came out of the house for his ride to work a minute later.

The woman told officers she waited two days to report the incident because at first she thought the man may have just gotten into the wrong car.

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