Family Selling Hollywood Bank Robber's Home

THURSTON COUNTY - The family of one of the most hunted thieves in Northwest history is selling his house to pay his debts.

William "Scott" Scurlock - the notorious "Hollywood bank robber" - planned a string of 15 bank robberies in the mid-1990s, earning his nickname because he pulled off his heists wearing theatrical costumes and white pancake makeup.

He robbed his last bank - stealing $1 million from a Lake City bank - in November 1996, then fatally shot himself during a gun battle with law enforcement officers who tracked him to a camper in a North Ravenna backyard.

Scurlock's former 1925 farmhouse and some acreage west of Olympia went on sale last Friday - asking price $168,500.

His mother and two sisters decided to sell it to pay off restitution to the FBI, Scurlock's credit cards, and insurance bills stemming from a lawsuit filed against his estate filed by police officers for the trauma he put them through.

"It's an unconventional house," said Woody Hill, agent for John L. Scott in Olympia. "But it's in a nice rural setting on a quiet road, the five acres has a barn, numerous mature trees and a a clearing."

Not for sale, however, is Scurlock's famous treehouse, roughly 1,500 square feet, which is nestled high in a stand of fir and cedar trees.

Scurlock began building it in 1980 while still at the Evergreen State College and lived in it sporadically for a decade.