Mother Says Tearful Goodbye To Missing Daughter

Mother Says Tearful Goodbye To Missing Daughter »Play Video
PIERCE COUNTY - It's taken eight agonizing years for a mother to say goodbye to her missing daughter.

Misty Copsey was just 14 when she disappeared in 1992. She's never been found. Police have longed fear she was kidnapped and killed.

Now, with hope gone, her mother decided it was time to let go.

A memorial service held Saturday was the first time many of her friends and family have had the courage to come together so they could let go as well.

Mitsy went to the Puyallup Fair in 1992 and was never seen again. Six months after she disappeared, her clothes were found in a ditch near Enumclaw.

Her mother, Diane, was there as police searched for her body.

"I really didn't expect to find anything," Diane said. "I found some clothes, her pants, shoes and panties. I know the clothes were hers because she wore my jeans to the fair that night."

Despite intensive ground and air searches, and the discovery of her clothes, Misty's body was never found.

The Pierce County Medical Examiner's Office made it official last month announcing that Misty Copsey was dead.