Five Years Later, Andy Cook's Murder Still A Mystery

Five Years Later, Andy Cook's Murder Still A Mystery »Play Video
TUKWILA - Imagine losing a loved one to a horrible crime and the killer still runs free -- and has been doing so for years.

That's the torment for the mother of Andy Cook, a Tukwila espresso stand operator who was beaten, kidnapped and killed five years ago.

"I'm hoping somebody out there -- with the news bringing it up again -- that somebody saw something or will remember something," says Myssie Cook. "Even if they don't think it's anything it might be something the police need to hear."

She took over operation of his espresso business, moved it Renton and renamed it "Andy's Place" to keep his memory and the case alive.

'It's Just Hard To Believe'

Myssie Cook doesn't force her customers to listen to her tragic tale, but on the back of every espresso card there's a little reminder. It's a picture of Andy and a number for police for possibly a break in the case.

"I've read the back of this, but I didn't know this was her son at the first and then I read it but I still didn't make the connection," says customer Parnell Neason.

Tukwila police say they're hoping somebody makes a connection -- somebody who was at the espresso stand, somebody who saw Cook's car -- even the tiniest detail. Two detectives are on the case still looking for that break.

"And I hope they do keep working on the case," says customer Mary King. "It's just hard to believe something like that could happen without nobody ever getting caught."

'I Remember This'

Myssie Cook keeps the stand going as a constant reminder for people.

A customer came to the window saying, "I remember this -- very much so -- and I'm very sorry about it. It's kind of neat you're saying to everyone, 'Hey, remember Andy.' "

Remember Andy even though it's been exactly five years.

"It seems like he's been gone longer than that," says his mother. "It's hard not having him here."

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