Ferndale High School Elects Female Prom King

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FERNDALE - Ferndale High school students picked their prom king and queen last weekend.

There was nothing unusual about the voting process, but who they picked for their prom king was very unusual.

Ferndale's Prom King is Krystal Bennett, an openly gay senior.

"I've had some students tell me they don't think a girl should have won and that I was being ridiculous," Krystal said.

Krystal posed with the Queen, but spent the evening dancing with her girlfriend.

"I really wanted to win and was excited about it," Krystal said. "But 'cause it didn't seem realistic, I didn't take it as seriously as I felt about it."

At the prom, Bennett joked that she wanted to be King. Her friends nominated her and classmates voted for her.

'We Support You'

Principal David Hutchinson said he wasn't expecting it, but after the vote, most of the students seemed to be just fine with it.

"It was OK," he said. "I think the students that were voting were telling Krystal, 'We support you.' "

Krystal thinks most of the students actually voted for her as a joke, but she says she's getting the last laugh.

"This is one the entire school is gonna have to hear about, everyone is gonna have to address and one that's gonna directly affect the administration and the staff."

Krystal has always been vocal about her sexual orientation.

"I was elated, I thought good for Krystal," says Gina Fagan-Kley, a member of P-FLAG -- Parents, Families and friends of Lesbians And Gays. "It brings it up front and out in the open."

Unlikely It'll Ever Happen Again

Princiapl David Hutchinson says it is one way to deal with homosexuality, but it may not be the best way.

"In this venue it wasn't as appropriate," he said.

That's what some students are telling the principal. Hutchinson admits although they don't want to deny Krystal her crown, it's unlikely they'll ever crown another woman King.

Hutchinson says based on student input, the school will more clearly define who can and can not be nominated for king and queen. The school says it got about 10 calls from the community, a few complaining, but most callers were just curious.