UPDATE: Tornado Hits Pierce County

UPDATE: Tornado Hits Pierce County »Play Video
PIERCE COUNTY - Several people saw what the National Weather Service has confirmed was a tornado touch down in the Bonney Lake area of Pierce County Wednesday night, knocking down trees and scattering some roof shingles.

No injuries have been reported.

The tornado was reported just before 8 p.m. in the area around Puyallup's South Hill, Bonney Lake, Lake Tapps and Sumner.

Meteorologist Ted Beuhner of the National Weather Service spent Thursday tracking the path of the storm near Bonney Lake, trying to confirm is it was really was a tornado.

"It is obvious that it, at times, had touched down," Beuhner said.

'It Was A Real Dark Cloud'

Nearby residents agreed.

"I was sitting inside the house watching stuff go by," said resident Rick Watt.

You don't have convince Watt it was a real tornado. His 70-foot cottonwood tree was no match for the dangerously high winds.

"It was a real dark cloud," Watt said. "It had a real dark blue tint to it. You could see things flying horizontally and heading up."

'The Place Is Just A Mess'

Rob Terrell's farm was next in the tornado's path.

Unlike the movie twister, his cows stayed on the ground, but his barn was toast.

"When we came out, we saw the trees down and the barn down and the place is just a mess," said Terrell.

Beuhner says the tornado had a relatively short path.

"Right now it looks like it was somewhere in the vicinity of two blocks wide," he said.

Looking at the evidence, Ted officially classified this storm as a tornado, but for those who lived through it, there was never any doubt.

"It was almost a low rumbling that you just knew what it was," said Watt.

Damage was estimated at $100,000. Beuhner said the tornado's path was 2.3 miles long and 400 yards wide. It was classified as an F1 tornado on the Fujita scale, which ranks tornadoes from F0 to F5 -- F5 being the most destructive.

Severe Weather Hits Southwestern Washington Too

Elsewhere, heavy rain fell Wednesday in some areas of southwest Washington, knocking down trees and power lines. Three people were injured after a tree fell on a camp site at Campers Hideaway on Lake Merwin in Cowlitz County.

A knocked-down tree also trapped four people in a car on a Forest Service road off state Highway 503 near Cougar, and at least two passengers were injured.

Rainfall in the 24 hours ending at midnight Wednesday night set records for the date of .64 of an inch in Olympia, .61 of an inch at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and .44 of an inch at the Sand Point recording station in Seattle, the weather service said.