The Real 'Rose Red' Is A Hit

The Real 'Rose Red' Is A Hit »Play Video
PIERCE COUNTY - Many of those who watched the ABC mini-series "Rose Red" this week on KOMO 4 may be surprised to know the real 'Rose Red' is Thornewood Castle in Lakewood near Tacoma.

"We call this the house that love built because Chester built it for his bride, Anna very similar to Ellen and John Rimbauer," said Thornewood Castle owner Deanna Robinson.

Chester Thorn built the massive mansion, with more than 50 rooms, out of pieces of a European castle back in 1911 and reportedly, his wife still makes appearances with other brides who stay at the castle.

"When they are all dressed in their finery, and they look into the mirror, they see this lady sitting in the window seat behind them and they turn and she's gone," said Robinson.

Chester has some tricks of his own.

"Oh, Chester sometimes can be a nuisance, especially with light bulb unscrewing," said Robinson.

And all that was before Stephen King moved in with his own unsettled spirits.

The mini-series was originally set in L.A., but when King saw a picture of Thornewood Castle he re-wrote the script

"I'd like it to be something that is big and scary and sticks in people's minds as the haunted house movie," said King.

Thursday night, Thornewood's owners and guests celebrated with a lavish party for the final episode of Rose Red, complete with period clothing and tours of the now famous castle.

"It's just something we planned on, 'cause we're just big Stephen King fans," said guest Crystal Fox.

The calls keep pouring into the bed-and-breakfast, with some people thinking they are making a reservation at Rose Red.

"They think were just lying to them, it just cannot be in Lakewood, it has to be in Seattle, or it was built in Seattle and moved here," said Robinson.

But the owners say the real spirits that walk the halls are a lot more welcoming than the ones in the movie.

"I wouldn't want to change the energy in this house. It's wonderful to live here, you just feel supported and I think it makes be feel younger too," said Robinson.

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