Olympia High Wins Annual Food Drive... Again!

OLYMPIA - They predicted it would happen. And it did.

Olympia High School collected more food than any other high school in Thurston County in the annual food drive competition.

"Yeah of course. We always win," said senior Kallie Yamane.

The Olympia Bears brought in 140,229 pounds of food, more than double the high school that came in second. And it all goes to the Thurston County Food Bank.

"It's always been a friendly competition between high schools, " said Jan Putnam, director of the Food Bank.

This year students at Olympia had a lot of incentive.

"If we reached 100,000 cans, the Assistant Principal said she'd shave her head," said Yamane.

She's talking about Margaret Hellberg, who put her hair on the line, and lost. The Assistant Principal at Olympia High had to make good on her promise.

So Tuesday afternoon, in front of the entire school at an assembly, Hellbert had her head shaved. The way Margaret Hellberg sees it, it's all for a good cause. Besides she figures, her hair will grow back.