The Monolith Is On The Move Once Again

The Monolith Is On The Move Once Again »Play Video
SEATTLE - The strange story of the monolith has taken another twist--it's on its way back to Magnuson Park.

To recap: the group "Some People" installed it at Magnuson park at the dawn of the real millennium. That's where the group thought the art prank would end.

It didn't.

They say somebody stole the 500-pound steel sculpture, and installed it on Duck Island in the middle of Green Lake.

In the meantime, the story of the mysterious monolith captured the curiosity of not just Seattle, but the whole world.

KOMO 4 News was able to interview Louie Raffloer, the man who built the local version of the 9-foot-tall replica of the mysterious icon central to the movie "2001: A Space Odyssey"

"Everyone who was involved in this didn't know it would skyrocket and that around the world people would have known about this," Raffloer said.

And people who flocked to Green Lake Friday afternoon to capture a glimpse of the budding Seattle icon didn't know it would be gone by the time they got there.

"Some People" had taken the monolith back from Duck Island and handed it over to the Seattle Parks Department.

"I think it's almost better that I didn't see," said Lcuy Stolsenberg who missed the monolith. "I keep missing it...I'm one step behind it."

The sculpture is stored in a safe place, and the Parks Department will re-install it on Kite Hill at Magnuson Park in the same spot where it mysteriously appeared on January 1st.