Sometimes, Atheists Get Lucky

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SEATTLE - The 4th of July is almost here.

What better way to celebrate than to blow up God.

And what better reason to blow up God than to protect the sensibilities of atheists.

Because atheists are so afraid of God, that even hearing the word 'God', or saying the word 'God' is an affront to their non-God fearing ways.

I've had atheists pull money from their pockets with their eyes squeezed shut for fear they would see the words "In God We Trust" on coins or bills.

With them, it really is a God thing.

Atheists have been known to drive out of their way to avoid churches, synagogues, mosques and temples.

They sometimes recoil at the sight of crosses, crucifixes, menorahs, Stars of David - even Hare Krishna's.

And even though atheists are free to go about their disbelieving ways, that doesn't seem enough to make them happy.

No. What makes atheists happy is making those who believe in God cringe.

So atheists go to court a lot.

And sometimes they get lucky.

Like this time, getting the Pledge of Allegiance ruled unconstitutional because God is mentioned.

The U.S. Supreme Court will likely come to throw this ruling out. But for now, the atheists are downright giddy.

Give it to 'em.

Because when you don't believe in much, you take happiness where you can get it.

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