It's Amazing What You Can Find Online

It's Amazing What You Can Find Online
SEATTLE - It's amazing what you can find for sale online. One local security director was shocked by what he found: professional delivery uniforms.

The brown trucks, and brown uniforms are all around town. But think you need to work for UPS to wear one? Think again.

"(I) got on the Internet and noticed on eBay there were some uniforms for sale," said Frank Kampsen, the Westlake Center Security Director.

Here's what he found online: Yahoo Auctions has dozens of uniforms: short sleeve, long sleeve, summer, winterÂ…

Why are they for sale?

"That's our question," Kampsen said. " 'Why would somebody want that kind of a uniform?' and we don't want to speculate too much, but to be on the safe side, we need to pay attention to our security matters here."

Kampsen worries someone posing as a delivery driver could sneak in. He thinks former employees are selling the uniforms, but he hasn't been able to confirm that.

Only the seller's home city is listed. Whoever they are, they're making money.

Shirts are going for $125. Full uniforms for $879.00.

KOMO 4 News talked with a UPS spokesperson. He says the company had no idea you could buy the uniforms online. Employees are supposed to turn them in when they leave the company.

He also says, these days, any company that requires a uniform and has employees go into sensitive areas, should watch out.

So far, Kempsen knows of no instances of someone posing as a delivery person, and, Westlake carefully checks drivers' ID's.

The online auctions have also been checking. By the end of the day, the uniforms were off the market on eBay and Yahoo.

But earlier this week there were also uniforms for other delivery services online, including FedEx and Airborne Express. They are also no longer found on the auction sites.

Security experts remind us, if we're concerned about anyone delivering items, we should ask to see their identification.