'Their Fun Brought The Death Of Someone Else'

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KIRKLAND - Two teens now face criminal charges in the deadly racing accident in Kirkland Monday afternoon.

One teen was killed, and two other people were seriously hurt after the crash along 124th Ave NE.

Tuesday, at the scene of the accident, there's a homemade cross that reads, "This is what racing does."

Just before the accident, other drivers called police reporting teenagers zipping in and out of traffic racing.

The two cars collided, sending the Mitsubishi 3000 GT into oncoming traffic.

A passenger, 16-year-old Teresa Jones, died later at Harborview, leaving her father to describe the fun-loving, spirited girl who had a passion for horses and her friends.

"She has a 3-year-old sister who was playing in her room this morning. So, we'll just keep on keeping on," said her father Tom Jones.

Tom Jones spent much of the day at the roadside memorial, talking to Teresa's friends.

""I know she's watching us and I just wanted to show my respect," said her friend Karleigh Sambrano. "I miss her and she's loved very much."

They know a little about how Teresa might've been feeling just before the crash. They've all experienced the thrill of speed.

Amy Gang's been in a car going 120. Amy Uribe has reached 147.

"147, that could have killed me and I didn't even think about that until after," said Amy Uribe.

Amy Gang says, "It's sad that it takes somebody's death to bring realization to all of us."

The friends collected pieces of shattered glass and car parts, and made a collage to question if street racing was worth all this.

"I'm telling my kids it's a lesson," said Michelle Goodwin. "It's a lesson to be cautious. You can never be too careful to drive."

It is a warning they are hearing from police.

"Young drivers, fast cars," said Lt. Bill Hamilton with the Kirkland Police Department. "They think they're having fun. Their fun has brought the death of someone else."

And a warning from a grieving father.

"I want them to enjoy and have fun and have a good time in life," said Tom Jones. "But we need to think more. Everybody needs to think more."

Both teen-aged drivers face charges of vehicular homicide. A 16-year old Juanita High School student was arrested Tuesday night. She wasn't hurt in the accident.

The other driver, an 18-year-old man, is in serious condition at Harborview.

An 87-year old man, whose car was hit when the others lost control, is still in critical condition at Harborview.