Mike Price Scandal Widens: How He Met His 'Destiny'

Mike Price Scandal Widens: How He Met His 'Destiny'
UNDATED - New details are emerging about the indiscretions that cost former WSU coach Mike Price his job at the University of Alabama.

Sports Illustrated says Price did have sex with two women in his hotel room, among some other rather sordid allegations.

In an article titled "Bad Behavior: How He Met His Destiny at a Strip Club," Sports Illustrated details many alleged inappropriate activities, such as trying to pick up female students, heavy drinking, buying drinks for students and stumbling around outside his condo late at night, trying to entice a female student inside.

It was Price's well-publicized frolic with stripper Lori Boudreax, also known as 'Destiny' at a Pensacola, Florida strip club that grabbed the headlines.

Price paid her for table dances that she says got a little close.

"I did do private dances for the gentlemen," she says. "A few things were inappropriate."

But later, Sports Illustrated says Price propositioned two women in Pensacola where he was playing in a golf tournament, and both women wound up in his hotel room at the same time. The magazine says he had sex with both women.

One of the women later ordered one of everything from the room service menu, charged it to Price's university issued credit card.

Weeks earlier, Price had been warned by Alabama's athletic director to clean up his act because, according to the magazine, Price had been seen buying drinks for students and serving as the life of the party at too many bars.

A student tells the magazine that Price approached her at a restaurant then found him stumbling around his condo late at night and then tried to convince her to come inside his apartment.

Price has denied having sex with anyone in his hotel room. He was not available for comment regarding the other allegations.

Price has not been seen publicly since he was fired from his head coaching job at Alabama on Saturday.

But Price did speak with The Birmingham News in Birmingham, Alabama and denied the claims in the Sports Illustrated article.

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