EXCLUSIVE: Victim's Family Wants Plea Bargain

EXCLUSIVE: Victim's Family Wants Plea Bargain
KING COUNTY - The family of one Green River victim says it's time to deal with a killer.

The brother of Mary Meehan wants prosecutors to bargain with suspect Gary Ridgway.

Tim Meehan says he wants to know what happened to his sister.

Mary Meehan was just 19-years-old when police added her name to the Green River list. They found her body in 1983.

Mary was 8-and-a-half months pregnant when she died.

Tim Meehan says "We didn't lose one, we lost two family members and to know that he's the one would help."

For 20 years, Tim Meehan has yearned to know the name of his sister's killer.

Now he wants prosecutors to accept a deal with suspect Gary Ridgway so he can get some answers.

"I'd just ask him why her. She was showing, she was eight months pregnant, why her" says Meehan.

Sources tell KOMO 4 News Ridgway is looking for a deal and is willing to confess to a number of murders if prosecutors drop the death penalty.

Wednesday Prosecutor Norm Maleng refused to confirm anything. "If there are any further developments in that case, they will be made public, and they will be made public in a courtroom" say Maleng.

Ridgway, a former truck painter, is charged with seven of the Green River killings.

Sources tell KOMO 4 News detectives confronted Ridgway with the full list of 49 victims on the day of his arrest and he reportedly told them "they're not all mine."

But sources say Ridgway must provide new details on additional murders to get a deal.

Jose Malvar is convinced Ridgway killed his daughter Marie. "If he showed me where my daughter is, I don't know."

Marie's body has never been found.

Still Malvar told us some time ago he is wary of any deal.

"To me the death penalty is the only solution for that. He might be lying you see, he might be lying" says Malvar.

"If he provides them with the information that they're looking for" says Tim Meehan "To bring closure to the majority of the cases, if not all the cases, then lets go ahead and give him life."

Gary Ridgway has been moved out of the King County Jail to a secret location so he can cooperate with investigators.

If Ridgway tells all, sources tell KOMO 4 News Green River detectives would make sure he's telling the truth before any deal is signed.

Ridgway's attorneys still refuse to confirm any deal is in the works.