So, Just Where Is That CD Settlement Money You Were Promised?

So, Just Where Is That CD Settlement Money You Were Promised? »Play Video
SEATTLE - We first told you about a chance to get free money in a music price-fixing settlement. That was five months ago.

Checks for as much as $20 a person were supposed to be in the mail in mid-July. Over time, a lot of us forgot about it, but not Jeff Lewandowsky.

" I was looking at the calendar and it's mid-August and I hadn't heard anything on the news or radio or any kind of information," he said.

Jeff filed a claim as soon as heard our report in February.

There was a $44 million settlement with the music industry in a lawsuit that claimed CD buyers have been cheated by price-fixing. There was a big push to get you to claim your share of the settlement.

"I was wondering if the whole thing was forgotten about and if anybody else had been given refunds. Just wonderin' where mine was," Lewandowsky said.

Well Jeff, your claim is presumably among the nearly 3.5 million that were approved in July. About 36,000 were denied because they did not qualify or missed the deadline.

But it turns out, some consumers think the settlement is a raw deal and objected in court. Four of them even hired attorneys to file an appeal -- a woman in Maine, a woman in Michigan, a man in New Jersey, and a woman in Kentucky.

They say the terms of the settlement are not fair, reasonable or adequate compensation for consumers. Especially since part of the refunds would really be in the form of CD's -- not money at all.

Now, it has to go to the court of appeals and no one knows when that will happen.

Our state attorney general's office tells me they're reviewing the case to determine their next move. Judging from court documents, the money should still be in escrow but it's possible the appeals process could take several months.

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