No Candy For This Kid On Halloween

No Candy For This Kid On Halloween
COVINGTON - Let's face it. Every kid waits for Halloween. All that candy and chocolate.

Not 6-year-old Elizabeth Zosel of Covington. She can't have any. Not today, at least. Her blood sugar is high.

She's diabetic. And so are 1 million children across the country.

Elizabeth's mother Reneia has written a book in Elizabeth's honor. It's called: "Diabetes: An Emotional Journey."

The book is inspired by the remarkable girl who's taken responsibility for her own health.

Elizabeth knows her limitations. And even on Halloween, you don't hear her complaining that she can't have that piece of chocolate. Maybe tomorrow she'll be able to.

For more information about the book, you can go to
. Renea Jo Zosel is also a board member of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.