Meet The Amazing Pet Psychic

Meet The Amazing Pet Psychic
SEATTLE - It's the unimaginable!

Your pet runs away, and you have no idea where to start.

Desperate for answers, pet owners are turning to psychics.

I caught up with one local psychic who claims she's the real deal.

At first, I had questions. Lots of questions.

First question: What do they say to you, those dogs and cats?

"She may say 'I'm an angry bitchy cat!" Hillary Renaissance says with a laugh.

Hillary Renaissance is a pet psychic. She claims she knows what animals are thinking and feeling.

"Sometimes I get a headache if the animal's getting a headache!"

So we put Hillary to the test. Could she find lost pets? She claims her powers can reunite you with your lost pet.

Next Question: What would you say to the skeptics that say you're nuts?

"Well, they used to say it was nuts to go to the moon. Look, we've been there many times," she laughed.

OK, Score 1 for the pet psychic.

But what about finding pets? Erin Curney says Hillary found her pet.

Erin's cat Joey ran away. Hillary meditated.

"It's like pictures I get," Hillary said. "Pictures in my mind."

And she says she saw Joey, and talked to the lost cat.

"She would say like, 'Joey is in a yellow, one-story house. He's in the garage. Laying in a box,' " Erin said.

So, Erin would get in the car and go. One day, her cat was exactly where Hillary said she would be.

"When I saw Joey, I was shocked I couldn't even scream his name," Erin said.

The score now: Hillary 2, Skeptical Reporter, 0

But not for long.

Next Question:

I handed Hillary a flyer. "This is a reward for a lost cat," I told her. "Is this something you could do? You could find this cat?"

"Umm, it would be too much pressure to do it on TV -- basically I mean it would be hard," Hillary said.

I'm on the board -- it's 2-1.

But wait. I find out Hillary helped solve a crime in Enterprise, Mississippi with her psychic skills. Someone stole a dog named "Come To Me." When the owner contacted Hillary in Seattle, the pet psychic saw a red motorcycle. Police were able to track that motorcycle and find "Come To Me."

"She made a believer out of me," said Enterprise Police Chief Randy Boykin.

OK, so another point for Hillary, it's 3-1.

But wait!

When I asked Hillary about that incident in Mississippi:

"This was in Enterprise, Tennessee," she said.

Throughout her explanation, she kept saying Tennessee. Tennessee! She thought she helped a dog owner in Tennessee, and not Mississippi.

I'm thinking psychics should know better.

Ding! I'm closing the gap. It's 3-2.

And then it dawned on me, it doesn't matter what the score is. What matters is whether the people she's helping believe she's helping.

And apparently, they do.

Hillary charges $75 to find your lost pet. She says she gets 1 or 2 phone calls a week from pet owners saying they've found her pets, thanks to her.

If you want to contact Hillary, you can reach her at (206) 782-7815.