We're All Cousins...Sort Of

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SEATTLE - For 27 years Brooke Shiotani thought she had a 50-50 heritage because her mother is German, her father Japanese.

But her DNA revealed something different.

"I was actually 65 percent European and 35 percent Asian and I thought that was kind of interesting," she said.

Shiotani learned the truth when she sent a sample of her DNA to Genelex labs. For the first time she learned there is European blood on her father's side of the family.

Genelex's Howard Coleman says our DNA will show we're all one big family.

"We're all descended from so few people that we're all cousins," said Coleman.

Coleman says we all descend from just 33 mothers - going back 100,000 years.

Using your DNA profile, Genelex can tell you which clan of original humans you belong to. Right "back to the original human populations in Africa," explained Coleman.

You can actually collect your DNA with a home kit. You just take a swab of the tissue inside your cheek and then send it back to the company.

Shiotani traced her roots to Northern Europe. "I came from the clan of Ursula," she said.

Then, a second round of genetics tests revealed she is predisposed to heart disease.

"So I need to be careful, watch what I eat, exercise well, if I can prevent myself from having heart disease it's definitely worth it," Shiotani said.

She said the tests changed her life. She's taking better care of herself and planning to fill in the blanks in her blood lines.

A DNA test to learn your genealogy will cost you about $600. A full genetic profile, which includes health information, costs about $1,300.

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