Local Men Gets His Turn As That Hot Hunk On The Cover

Local Men Gets His Turn As That Hot Hunk On The Cover »Play Video
RENTON - In the world of romance novels, sex sells.

The steamy gaze, the inviting smile, the hint of scandal.

In other words, that hunk on the cover.

So is Bothell's Greg Miller hot enough to sell books? Elena Moye knows him. "Oh. Definitely cute. Absolutely. Shhh.." she laughs.

Miller is a personal trainer who just won a contest to appear on the cover of a Harlequin romance novel.

You can guess the look: Shirt on but unbuttoned.

"It was definitely off-white and it was billowing," describes Miller. "It was open and they had a fan blowing on me so it looked like I was outside."

Miller describes the look he was going for as slightly irritated, stern and intense.

Harlequin's Marleah Stout describes it this way.

"The brooding man down the street or across the restaurant. Perhaps that was it. A little bit of brooding happening."

Funny. She didn't say sexy.

"He didn't even have to try," Stout says.

Miller has done some modeling before, but the Harlequin cover is special. His wife Tracy entered him in the contest without telling him.

He was an instant favorite at Harlequin, not just for his looks, but for his view of romance.

He describes romance as the glue that keeps a loving bond going.

"Seeing her needs," he says. "What she enjoys and what she wants in life and being able to cater to that."

OK. He's drop dead gorgeous AND that's how he feels about romance?

The women he trains in the gym can't wait to read the book.

"Absolutely. And I'll have a signed copy for sure," laughs Shelly Mazzanoble.

Harlequin will be glad to hear it.

Even with his shirt on, Greg Miller is already is selling books.

The novel "Very Truly Sexy" comes out in October.