For Sale: Titan 1 Missile Site

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ADAMS COUNTY - A California real estate man says he's got a great deal for buyers in Eastern Washington.

Bari Hotchkiss bought a Titan 1 missile site some five years ago. Now he's got it on the market for $3.95 million.

It's in Batum, a small wheat farming community between Moses Lake and Ritzville.

You just don't expect to find anything monumental in Adams County.

But Hotchkiss says this site "is sort of like the Washington monument or the pyramids of Egypt."

To see his monument, you needed to don a hard hat. As Hotchkiss says "We don't want anybody bumping their head on a piece of steel." He'll also hand you a flashlight.

Once inside, you go down, and down, and down. Five flights down.

Suddenly, tunnels snake every which way. "One goes to the missile silos and other buildings and this is the control building straight ahead here," he explained.

Avoiding big gaps in the floor. Ignoring grafitti, he took KOMO 4 News to the spot where cold war warriors could have fired Titan nuclear missiles.

"Push a button and there they go. No way to call them back," he said.

We asked him 'what can you do with something like this?' Hotchkiss replied, "Well this would make awesome wine cellars!"

The purchase price includes three, 155 foot high missile silos.

"Use your imagination. Can you imagine an indoor, underground 155 foot rock climbing room?"

Another suggestion: "The first tunnel level would give us a 90 foot deep scuba tank that we could fill with water and teach people to scuba dive."

He is most proud of the former power generator room. He promises with a back hoe and $1 million, it could be transformed into a subterranean gymnasium.

Hotchkiss says a lease could be cheap. "If it's something cool, one of kind never be replaced on earth, I'll give you some awesome terms. If you want to grow mushrooms the the price would be so high you wouldn't want to grow mushrooms."

The more we walked, the less Bari wanted to sell. "I'd really rather not sell it, I'd rather just lease it." Apparently tunnels grow on you.

The property is listed on ebay realty. The site has had 250,000 visitors. Hotchkiss won't say what offers, if any, he's considering.

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