Gay Man Marries Gay Woman

Gay Man Marries Gay Woman
SEATTLE - Dan Savage writes a nationally syndicated column on gay issues that appears in Seattle's weekly alternative newspaper, The Stranger. Savage is an openly gay man in a committed relationship with another man.

Amy Jennigs is reporter for The Stranger, a lesbian, and in a committed relationship with another woman. She and her partner recently tried to get a marriage license from the King County clerks office.

"They were quite confused and we articulated that it was for two brides. They kind of freaked out about that and they said 'sorry we can't do that, it's against state law,'" she said.

Savage was with Jennigs and her partner when they were denied a license.

"I said, 'I'm a gay man. Amy and I don't live together, we don't love each other, we don't want to have babies, I have a partner at home and a kid, can Amy and I get a marriage license even though you know it's a sham, a joke and we are not serious about each other?' The clerk said, 'Yes, of course because you are a man and a woman,'" Savage explained. "The sanctity of marriage is all about a matched set of genitals."

So, Savage and Jennigs got a marriage license, got married by a minister of the Universal Life Church and plan to file their license with King County, making the marriage legal.

Afterwards the plan an immediate divorce.

"We are going to try and stay married for about 55 hours and 10 minutes. We are going to just best Britney Spears," he laughed.

They married to prove a point. They hope lawmakers will notice their stunt and realize the reason why two people get married should be more important than their gender.