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SEATTLE - Art students at Prosser High School were told to keep a notebook of drawings depicting the war in Iraq.

One 15-year-old turned in a sketch showing President Bush, dressed as a devil, launching a missile.

Another of his drawings was of a Middle Eastern-looking guy holding a rifle in one hand, while in the other hand was a pole with an oversized head of President Bush stuck on it.

The art teacher found the drawings troubling.

Maybe it was the caption that said: "End the War."

Anyway, the drawings were turned over to school administrators.

School administrators took a look and tossed this political hot potato to police, who took one look at the "Vote For Ralph Nader" slogan and called in the Secret Service.

Last week, Secret Service agents trekked out to Prosser and grilled the 15-year-old artist.

They left without charging him with anything, but that didn't stop the school district from punishing the kid anyway.

So, here's my question: When U.S. forces get finished bringing freedom to the people of Iraq, would it be possible for them to do the same thing for the people of Prosser?

I'm pretty sure there's at least one 15 year old over there who'd appreciate it.

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