Silent Earthquake Shakes The Region

Silent Earthquake Shakes The Region
PUGET SOUND REGION - An earthquake has been rumbling under Western Washington for weeks, and no one has felt a thing.

After analyzing data, scientists think this quake could end up releasing as much energy as the magnitude 6.8 Nisqually quake of 2001.

The tremors were initially recorded in the Chehalis area and will travel all the way north to Vancouver Island.

"Rather than an earthquake when it goes jerk, this one very, very, slowly slips, " explained Steve Malone from the University of Washington. "So, it really doesn't generate any shaking but it relieves the same amount of stress over a large area that a larger earthquake would."

The slow earthquake started at the end of April and might not end for several more days, maybe even weeks.

The University of Washington is the only place in the United States documenting this strange occurance.